Synway Telcograde SS7-enabled Gateway Helped China Mobile Create High Concurrency VNO Systems

Founded on December, 20th 2000, China Tietong is a leading player in China domestic telecommunications market and also recognized as one of China’s major basic telecommunications enterprises. To satisfy the ever-growing customers and improve the system efficiency, Tietong selected Synway hi-speed SS7-enabled SMG2120 VoIP Gateway for telecommunications IP calls and global business infrastructure at the beginning of 2014.

Through three months’ experiment and a thorough comparison with other competitive products such as audiocodes, Tietong finally decided to cooperate with Synway to establish a large capacity VoIP calling system. The reasons were as follows:

  • Robust enough to run 365*24 non-stop operation based on Synway’s telco-grade software/hardware infrastructure;

  • Good compatibility with third-party IP PBXs and management software;

  • Perfect full load ability and voice quality under high density situations;

The solution offered by Synway allowed Tietong to develop more competitive VoIP systems. Based on SMG2120(120Chs in 1U) and SMG3016(480Chs in 1U), Tietong was able to deploy an easy-to-use VoIP solution with friendly user experience, high scalability and communication efficiency within a short time.

The benefits offered by Synway VoIP Gateway & VOS solution include:

  • High voice quality and instant call connection, improving system efficiency and profitability;

  • Stable and reliable system infrastructure with telco-grade redundancy for backup;

  • 365* 24 non-stop connectivity, dual power and network redundancy, ensuring smooth communications in extreme environment;

  • Advanced voice processing and SS7 signaling ability to ensure superb VoIP communications experiences.

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