High-Availability SMG Gateway Delivers Smooth Migration to IP Infrastructure

Leveraging two decades of voice optimization and signaling processing technology, Synway has now possessed much expertise through decades of technological accumulation and exclusive services for 3000+ users worldwide. Offering an innovative and highly adaptive gateway for global VOIP designers and operators, it ensures superior IP communication in hybrid and complex TDM/IP networks. Besides PNP(Plug and Play) features via standard configuration tools, Synway SMG Gateways are also customizable to cater to increasingly demanding needs.

SMG Digital Gateway Advantages:

1. Self-adaptive, Seamlessly compatible for TDM/IP signaling with 57 countries:IP/ISDN/CAS/SS7(Up to 64 high-speed Links) 

2. Compact 1U chassis, 30ch(1E1/T1)- 480ch(16E1/T1)concurrent calls, Automatic Load Balancing,Stable and Crystal-clear Voice Quality

3. Telco-grade Redundancy:ISDN/SS7 auto switching, 2*1000M IP detect, dual power supply

Typical Application:

VNO Solution: Smart Enterprise Outbound Call Deployment with SMG2120

Key Features:

1. Available for 10,000+ concurrent calls,SIP/SS7/ISDN signaling auto reset and backup

2. High Voice Quality in full load:QoS:ToS/AJB/Package Loss Compensation/G.168 128ms/CNG

3. Centralized Management for Distributed multi-devices(500+), Intelligent Control via SIP Switching

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