Synway will present its complete call recording portfolio as well as Asterisk open source platform at WIS 2011

Synway specializes in providing Telephony Hardware and Integrated Multimedia Switch in use for convergence (voice/data/video) communications. Since 1995, over 1000 software developers and system integrators have adapted Synway’s products and service to deliver a broad range of TDM and VoIP-based applications, including unified communications, mobile VAS, Asterisk-based open source applications for operators and enterprises worldwide.

What Synway will do?

Via WIS 2011, Synway will showcase its call recording family, which has won high recognition for field-proven performance and unparalleled cost efficiency around the world. It includes DTP series for tapping E1/T1/J1 lines, DST series for tapping proprietary PBXs extensions, ATP series for tapping analog lines, RDR series for tapping radar data lines, and SWIPPA for IP recording. All these members combine a set of standard/enhanced functionalities, including Codecs, multiple signaling (ISDN/SS7/CAS) compliance, and diverse stop/start modes.

Meanwhile, Synway will also unveil its product lines for Asterisk open source application developers. As a pioneer of open source hardware designer, Synway would show how its components enable open source developers to improve efficiency and competitive advantages, reduce system cost. Leveraging its own expertise, Synway has applied long accumulated expertise in processing data, cancelling echo, and transcoding into its unique design. 

It is honored to invite all existing clients and other participants who are interested in our offerings. Please feel free to contact us for making an appointment with Synway’s staff. 

When and where

May 11-14, 2011

Booth: D114, China Pavilion

COEX, Seoul, Korea

About WIS (World IT Show) 2011

Full of success stories over more than 30 years, the annual 2011 WORLD IT SHOW will be held at Coex, Seoul, Korea. It continues to be the premier event where worldwide IT corporations come together to present their latest products and services. It also provides an ideal platform for intensive one-on-one business meetings and astonishing presentations of new technology.