The latest half-length call recording hardware helps solution providers deliver more "Green" and space-saving systems.

Synway, one of leading call recording hardware providers, recently releases its new generation hardware, which would help developers innovate and improve efficiency, scalability and reliability in the mature market.

Aimed at saving rack space and more environment-friendliness, Synway’s engineers designed all products in half-length, PCI/PCIe/PCIX form factor available. It provides tangible values for system providers worldwide.

Synway’s call recording family, has won high recognition for field-proven performance and unparalleled cost efficiency around the world. It includes DTP series for tapping E1/T1/J1 lines, DST series for tapping proprietary PBXs extensions, ATP series for tapping analog lines, and RDR series for tapping radar data lines, SWIPPA for IP recording, All these members combine a set of standard/enhanced functionalities, including Codecs, multiple signaling (ISDN/SS7/CAS) compliance, and diverse stop/start modes.