Synway releases its new generation SHD series with PCIe form factor for its over 1000 partners in the world.

Synway, a world-class provider of media processing and signaling technologies, announces that its SHD series, digital TDM boards with PCIe form factor, now is available. And it would make customers able to select any kind of mainstream servers or chassis to run their applications. Now, more and more server providers are offering products only with PCIe interfaces worldwide.

Incorporating an array of signaling protocols and rich media processing capabilities, Synway SHD series products provide service providers, application developers, telecom equipment providers and OEMs a majority resources including conferencing, fax, compression protocols, echo cancellation and call control. Meanwhile, SHD series adopts the latest DSP architecture with unique algorithm to differentiate SHD processing capabilities from substitutes. Building on the latest DSP architecture across the whole series, SHD delivers increased processing capability, more efficient power management, and digital network interface. 

With better data processing capability, Synway SHD series with PCIe interface, help developers provide cost-effective, high-performance and versatile systems in the evolutionary environment.