Synway Asterisk Cards and SuPerForm voice enhancement technologies empower Reapfield’s IP-PBX and Call Center solutions

Asterisk based IP-PBXs are becoming more available and popular on the PBX business market, threatening the traditional proprietary PBX manufacturers position continuously. IP-PBX has proved itself to be efficient because it can reside on the current network using existing LAN. Besides, it can greatly lower operational costs especially for systems with a higher number of users. 

"Molecube, the IP PBX based on open source and next generation network technology, delivers unparalleled features to the world," said Celestine Amoako-Boateng, the Business Development Manager of Reapfield, "We now have the expertise to design this IP PBX, but we need open source hardware platforms with superior and cost-effective echo cancellation technology. Through the comparison of several hardware providers, we finally choose Synway as our partner to deploy Molecube."

When Reapfield selected the relevant hardware to match its market ambitions, can Synway’s offerings cater to its requirements, commercially and technologically? how about the performance of Synway Asterisk cards in complex environemnt in the long run? please click on the following link to see how Synway helps Reapfield close deal with enterprise and telecom customers.

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