Synway’s open source hardware supports FreeBSD Operating System to deliver new values for service providers and enterprise solution providers

Synway, a leading player specializing in convergence technology and new-generation IP-PBX systems, announced its Asterisk-based digital and analog interface cards (with complimentary DSP-based echo cancellation and compression technology) could run on both Linux and FreeBSD operating system. 

Besides compliance with both FreeBSD and Linux systems, Synway’s FXM and TEJ series products adopt Synway complimentary, hardware-based SuPerForm Echo Cancellation technology (up to 128ms echo tail). The SuPerForm reassures maximum value for money as well as superior voice quality in complex environments while compared with all competitive products. Besides, Synway also implants high scalability and interoperability in its design, including dedicated DSP for transcoding between G.729/G.723and G.711, the most advanced DMA data processing technology and finest workmanship. 

Compared with Linux, FreeBSD has its own advantages, including better efficiency, security, robustness, so a majority of users prefer FreeBSD to some alternative systems. To cater to diverse market demands, Synway’s engineers endeavor to improve compliance with FreeBSD and further reassure all the Asterisk-based hardware runs on FreeBSD OS robustly and reliably. 

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