Synway SWIPPA IP recording early-bird program

Eligible product:

VersionTrade-up productBenefitsPackage service
SWIPPA trail versionSWIPPA premium version50% dicountUp to 100hr online service
SWIPPA full version

SWIPPA full version

Buy more than 50 ports

Additional 10 channels for freeUp to 100hr online service

Program rules and policy 

  •  If you are evaluating Synway SWIPPA, the HMP-based IP recording component, you could enjoy 50% discount for any channels you are evaluating now.

  •  If you start to buy more than fifty (50) channels, you will WIN additional ten (10) channels for free.

  •  This program may not be combined with any other Synway discount offers before September 30th, 2010 in all regions except Great China Region.

  •  If you expect to involve into the program, please contact us (Call us at 008657188860561. Fax us at 008657188850923. Send email to Leave a message at As soon as we receive your message or inquiry, our regional managers will contact you;

  •  Synway guarantees up to 100hrs online support for all solution providers to participate at the program;

  •  This program is eligible for solution developers no matter whether they have already used Synway SWIPPA trial version or not.

  •  For any other issues, please feel free to contact our sales representatives or our regional agent;