Asterisk cards trade-up & 128ms echo canceller for free!

You could participate into this stimulus program if you ever used or are planning to adopt any Synway product before September 30th, 2010. This program will bring multiple values, like upgradability and up to 100 hours remote online support for free. You could improve your system flexibility, make your system to comply with ROHS environmental standards, expand system lifetime and sharpen your competitive advantages, commercially and technologically.

  • Some major benefits are as follows:

  • Enhance communications quality and customer satisfaction;

  • Gain more new features to upgrade systems;

  • Better standardization and interoperability;

  • Improve reliability and flexibility; 

  • Enhance system architecture and save space;

  • Improve value for money;

  • Compliant with ROHS standards for GREENER world!

  • Save maintenance cost and expand system lifetime;

Eligible product:

If you purchase any basic version(no more than 5 units), you could win corresponding trade-up products and related package service. Below are the basic version, trade up products as well as saving value.

Basic version Trade-up productMoney savingPackage service

TEJ 100P/100E

(Single span, 32ms echo canceller)


(Single span, 128ms echo canceller)

USD500/unitUp to 100hr online service

TEJ 200P/200E

(Single span, 32ms echo canceller)


(Single span, 128ms echo canceller)

USD800/unitUp to 100hr online service

TEJ 400P/400E

(Single span, 32ms echo canceller)


(Single span, 128ms echo canceller)

USD1200/unitUp to 100hr online service

TEJ 800P/800E

(Single span, 32ms echo canceller)


(Single span, 128ms echo canceller)

USD1600/unitUp to 100hr online service

FXM 3200

(2~32 FXO/FXS Chs, 32ms echo canceller)


(2~32 FXO/FXS Chs, 32ms echo canceller)

USD100~500/unitUp to 100hr online service

Program rules and policy:

  • If you have already used any category of Synway products, or are planning to adopt Synway Asterisk series card (digital or analog interface cards with 32ms echo canceller), you could buy no more than 5 units of premium version (128ms echo canceller), while paying for cost of basic version (32ms echo canceller). It helps you save up to $ 8,000.

  • If you want to buy any basic product version, or expect to upgrade current system to higher level, contact us or register to leave a message:

  • As soon as we receive your order for basic version, we will trade-up your order to the latest version automatically;

  • Synway guarantee up to 100hrs remote online support for all solution providers to participate into this program;

  • This program may not be combined with any other Synway discount offers;

  • This program is only eligible for solution developers who have already used Synway product or are planning to adopt it before September 30th, 2010;

  • This program offer different package service for channel partners. For details, please contact us;

  • For any other issues, please feel free to contact our sales representatives or our regional agent;