New SS7 protocols expand your applications ranges

Synway, a leading multimedia processing and signal technologies provider, now expands its homegrown SS7 packets with MAP/TCAP/SCCP as part of its broad range of protocols, which allow VAS providers to directly connect switching, media processing and signaling platforms to a carrier’s network–via TDM-based signaling transport. For mobile solution providers, one of the most useful layer is MAP in use for supporting interactive mobile applications between the network entities in a GSM/3G system. The SS7 protocols are suitable for worldwide deployment using Synway’s SHD series and UMCT series Integrated Multimedia Switch Platform. With this new SS7 packets, Synway’s global partners, including service providers and VAS solution providers, will be empowered to deliver a complete array of value-added service and applications, such as Short Messaging System (SMS).

UMCT Multimedia Switch Platform for VAS providers 

Synway UMCT series is an open programmable, integrated multimedia switch platform with multimedia processing and signaling capabilities. In addition to rich media resources, the switch platform helps bridge existing wired and wireless networks with IP networks, and integrates IP (SIP and H.323)/TDM (SS7/ISDN/CAS/Analog)/mobility protocols with IVR, fax, conferencing, compression, echo cancellation and other media processing resources. The applications which can be deployed with UMCT series, include call center, IVR, unified messaging, fax, conferencing, SMS, CRBT, video in enterprise and service provider networks. Each system based on single 1U/2U/6U chassis can scale to 1,920 TDM/IP voice channels.

TDM/IP Boards for multimedia processing & Signaling

Including an array of SS7 packets and rich media processing capabilities, Synway TDM/IP boards deliver developers and integrators a new level of flexibility while reducing total lifecycle costs. Available in PCI/cPCI/PCIe form factors, these boards satisfy both rich media processing and digital PSTN interface needs in a wide range of voice and signaling applications.